Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earth Mural

We traced the clothes on fabric, glued them onto the person and added yarn hair. We wrote on our dream cloud about what we could do to make the world a better place like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did.
For the Earth Puzzle: After reading quite a few MLK Jr. books we came up with a list of words that he stood for. Each student was given a piece to the puzzle (some two pieces), they wrote one of the words on their piece with crayon and then water colored it according to the picture. Make sure they write the number of their puzzle piece on the back so they are easily put back together. We put the pieces together in the hall and then added our paper dolls and dream clouds to create the mural.

I thought the sizing would get messed up if I tried to put the puzzle pieces all on one document so it may take a little while to print out:). I copied them onto white construction paper to make them a little more stiff. There are 28 pieces.

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8       9     10
11     12     13     14     15     16     17     18     19     20
21     22     23     24     25     26     27     28

I used this for MLK Jr. but it could also be used for Earth Day.