Monday, September 29, 2014

Counting Syllables

Student Book Samples

My class absolutely LOVED making this book today. We learned how to draw simple animals and objects to create a syllable book. When we were done drawing we put stickers on the page to show how many syllables were in the word. We added a cover page and stapled them all together to create a "Counting Syllables" book.



Number Track


 We are learning about where numbers go on a number track in math skills group so we created our own number tracks to 10. The students put the track below together and then wrote the numbers 0-10 on Post-its. They took the numbers off and then we put them back on together out of order to figure out the correct spot for each number. When all the numbers were placed on the number track we listened to Kim Sutton's random number CD. When they heard a number they took it off their number track, if they heard the number again they had to put it back on their number track in the correct spot. It gets a little tricky when the numbers are called out fast. You can randomly call out numbers yourself but I like her CD. Next we'll try numbers 10-20.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ant Balance


Our Harcourt story this week is Ants, so I introduced the students to balance the scale with this easy ant themed activity. I have a small ant paper punch but you could have them draw a simple ant.
We practiced with a real scale before gluing on our ants.
Click the links below to print a copy:
Ant Balance 4

Ant Art/Writing

Online Counting Practice:
Ant Parade

Numbugs Math App
This cute idea was from fall into first. Click below for a free printable and other great ideas!
Fall into First: ANTonym hill

The Ant Picnic: Addition

Ants Brace Map

Hey Little Ant Extension Activity

Friday, September 12, 2014

Word Family Word Cloud


I gave each student a word family and they came up with a list of words that they thought fit into that word family. They each typed them and created a word cloud on the IPAD. I printed out each word family and then gave the students a different word family. I put their word clouds on the desks so they had to walk around and find the words that went with their word family. When they were done we used it as a matching center during reading stations.
 Word Cloud is a free, easy to use app...they were finished typing in minutes!

 I put this on a document camera and they had to write words that had that sound in them.
We also made our own word family spinner and then came up with a list of words that fit that word family.

Ways to Make 6

Birds [Book]
Our author of the month is Kevin Henkes and I just love his "Birds" book so we tied it into our math curriculum and used mini birds to learn about ways to make 6. I had the students grab six of a certain color and then they used those birds to make six by putting some on the top and some on the bottom. They had to make six in three different ways. It's similar to the bunk bed problem but a smaller number. Click below to print:

I found this from Buggy for First Grade  and thought it was great for a color review as well.

Friday, August 15, 2014

First Grade is Sweet!

I saw this adorable bulletin board on Pinterest but there wasn't a link so here is my version. I used butcher paper but the picture I saw looked like they may have used tissue paper. I couldn't find a cute border to go with it so I just cut up scrapbook paper into 3 inch strips.
Here is a little first day gift to go with my bulletin board.

This cute first day idea is from First Grade and Fancy Free.
They have included a free printable.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End of the Year Projects

I didn't realized these were as big as they turned out to be but that's what made them really fun. I got this great idea from Third Grade Love . She has a free glasses printable on her blog. I just had them draw in the sunglasses and do the writing separately in more of a first grade format.

We made visors...

and pinwheels for fun!