Friday, December 30, 2011

100 Rekenrek

If you have access to a saw and drill, here is a wooden version of the 100 Rekenrek for about $1 a piece. They aren't pretty but the individual ones are $16 a piece. Yikes!
Here's a basket version of the 100 Rekenrek. I used baskets I got from the dollar store (2 for a dollar) and yarn. Stiff string or shoelaces might work a little better than yarn for the basket method. 
This is super cool!! Use a small piece of a pipe cleaner as a needle when stringing beads. This works great so that the end of the yarn doesn't fray.

Here's my new teacher 100 Rekenrek.
My favorite activity is to play quick images. Show a number on the left side of the Rekenrek for 3 seconds. The students need to represent that number on a piece of paper at their desk. They can draw a picture, write the number, etc.  Start out easy with the top and increase the level of difficulty as the students get the hang of it. This is a great mental math activity!
Here is a video about place value on the rekenrek.