Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mystery Number Mini Books

Print out the cover sheet and make the inside pages double sided. Print as many as you need for the students in your class. Fold the book, staple and cut in half. I tried to make it printer friendly and easy to put together.

This clue sheet is from the UEN website. Click HERE for more math activities by grade level.

Have each student choose a mystery number and fill out the clue sheet. Give each student a mini book. Have the students come up and read their clues to the class. The rest of the class tries to guess the number. When someone has guessed the number the students record the mystery number in their mini book.
I helped the students in small groups figure out their number by using a 100 chart and marking the number off on there, we came within 3 so that we could easily add when it came to the last clue. It was a lot easier for them to guess the number during whole group because they already knew how to narrow it down. We used dry erase number charts when doing it whole group. You could split it into 2 sessions if it takes too long or do it as a number of the day.

This is really hard unless your students have a good  understanding of more and less. Here is a mini lesson I started out with as a warm up. I gave the students clues and we used a number line to help narrow down the number to get them used to the idea of more and less and how we are trying to make it easier to guess the number by narrowing the gap.

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