Thursday, December 22, 2011

Part Part Whole Practice

Have the students fill in the missing Part.
Read the students story problems and have them fill in the parts of the story problem in the blank worksheet. This will help them understand and organize what's being asked in a story problem.
Part Part Whole Blank Worksheet
Blank Worksheet with No Middle Line

This book from Primary Concepts has the best leveled story problems!!
Click HERE for a direct link.

We also used the blank part part whole worksheet to fill in after we used red and yellow chips to create part part whole on our white boards.

Click HERE to create your own number bonds worksheets.

Click HERE for cool fact family cards.

The First Grade Parade has an awesome missing addend activity.

Click HERE for a number bonds sort from classroom freebies.


  1. These are great tools for teaching part/part whole. I really like how you have changed the missing number. Can I post a link in my comments on a blog post I wrote?

  2. Yes, These tools are awesome. I think Internet make study easy. Now you can find every thing in the Internet. I also searching a website regarding Math Games For Kids while my searching i found your blog which is good for learning math. Your blog show your hard work and seriousness with it.