Monday, November 3, 2014

Programmable iPad Apps I Love

These are two of my favorite programmable apps.
This game can be 1-4 players so if you only have 5 iPads like I do, your whole class can still play. You can easily create any game you want for reading or math- or use one of their pre-made games.

This is a programmable spelling/sight word practice app.
Since our spelling list changes each week it's nice to have them practice those specific words. You have to search sight words and spelling practice for it to come up in the app store. I'm not sure what the actual name is.

You can program Buzz Monster in the exact same way as Futaba but it's a game show format. Three students can play at a time.
I made two videos to try and show you how to use them.
 They're terrible but I'm a visual person so it's more for when I forget how to use them;)
The SpellingCity app is free. You can type in your spelling words for the week and the students can click on the story to practice that weeks spelling words.