Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Flap Spelling

Thanks to a fun reminder from my sons second grade teacher, we used fun flaps to practice spelling. I was a little nervous about them being able to do each fold but every student was able to make it. I did the first two folds to make sure that the square was perfect and then we folded and wrote the spelling words together. We thought of fortunes for the middle and then wrote them in.
First the student asks to pick a word and then the student spells the word, then he/she asks again and spells the next word. On the third time they ask the student opens up the flap and tells their fortune. This was sooo much fun! They practiced for a good 15 minutes and then wanted to take them out to recess! Here's a little video in case you've forgotten how to make this blast from the past:
This is a great book I use but if you don't want to make copies it's just as easy to make your own. Just start with a plain 9x9 piece of paper.
Fun Flaps: Word Families
Click HERE  for a direct link. You can purchase them by word family or you can buy the whole book.
My Coworker also had a great idea... it's a little like slap it with a spelling twist. In groups or centers you lay out spelling words or sight words. The teacher calls out the spelling word. The student who slaps it the first has to spell the word. If they spell it correctly they get to keep the word. Keep playing until all words are taken. The one with the most wins.