Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun Math Game Purchases

Click HERE to see it on amazon.
This is Math Dash- an addition and subtraction game played like Sequence (add the numbers on the card and then find the sum on the game board, whoever gets four in a row first wins) and the other is a 4x4 ft 100 chart. Both very affordable and super fun!

Click HERE to see it from learning resources.
First we played by just adding the dice and seeing who got to 100 first and then I covered the frames with white and they had to guess which numbers were under the frames.
My son used this homemade rekenrek to add. It's just a piece of foam board from the dollar store 2 pipe cleaners and 20 beads. You can make a whole class set out of 2 pieces of foam board so they are very inexpensive to make with your whole class.

This is the back...not pretty but functional:)