Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cat's Colors

We read Cat's Colors and then painted 2 pieces of large construction paper, one with orange and white and the other with our favorite color and white. We drew a cat in different pieces on the back of the orange paper and then cut it out. We placed the pieces where we wanted them on the black piece of paper and then glued them down. We added details to the cat with a black sharpie. We used reinforcers for the white around the eye and then colored the inside with black sharpie. I might use paint next was sort of hard to color in. While they were drawing the stripes I went around and shadow cut them out and they glued them to their favorite color piece of paper. 
In the book Cat's favorite color is orange because it's the color of his mother so we wrote about why the color we chose was our favorite. Finally we graphed our favorite color.   


Color Word Worksheet
I used the link below for the block color words.
Click HERE for color word blocks.
Favorite Color Graph