Friday, December 2, 2011

Light the Menorah Game


Play in Partners. Each student gets a Menorah pattern. The students take turns spinning the spinner. The student needs to say the word of the number it lands on. If they get the word right they get to cut out the word and glue it on top of that number on the Menorah. When they get all the words for that number they get to "light" that candle by cutting an orange piece of paper to look like a flame. Whoever lights all the candles first wins.

Sight Word Pattern copy on Yellow

Menorah Pattern copy on Blue

Star of David Art:

Fill out a Pattern Block Survey from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten when finished.

Click HERE for a cute patchwork Star of David from Krafty Kids.

Star of David from fuse beads. Cute if you have a little extra time before the holiday break. Click HERE to get the pattern from or you can just use a regular star pattern.