Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Create a path to 120

Our first graders are having trouble with the concept of 10 less and 10 more so I came up with this activity to hopefully help. The students need to make a path from 1 to 120. They start on 1 and color it in on  a 120 board, then spin the "more" spinner. They need to either move 1 more or 10 more and then color it in. The student keeps spinning until they have reached the bottom of the 120 chart. It seems simple but I think it will help them realize that more means bigger as they move down the chart.

I made a spinner for 1 less and 10 less also. It's the same concept except that you start at 120 and go down.

120 Chart

Use the More AND Less Spinner to have your students practice both. Just have them start in the middle of the 120 chart rather than at the beginning or the end.

Another simple activity is to fill in the 120 chart going down. The students start to see the 10's pattern as they fill it in. 

Blank 120 Chart

More and Less Worksheet

What' My Number from Saylor's log is a great lesson to get to know the 100 chart.