Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alphabet Party

We wore letter hats and went by that letter for the day:

We read Alphabet Mystery:
I write on a piece of paper a letter in white crayon. After reading the book, the students choose a card and have to watercolor it to reveal what letter it is. We then put the letters in alphabetical order.

Alphabetical Order Races:
We got into four groups and had to see how fast we could put sight word cards into alphabetical Order.
Give out a secret letter card. Have the student come up with something that starts with that letter and then play charades (have each kid act out that word) So, if it is “B” — it could be for a bear — and the student can act out a bear and the other kids will have to figure out what he is.
  Play Letter Sound Bingo. 
Have the kids make the letters of the alphabet with their
 bodies and take a picture. Put them together on a poster.

Have the kids make name bracelets using alphabet beads.

Watch Taking Words Factory

Paint the Alphabet to hang in our room:
  Each letter expert gets to be that letter for the day. They wear a hat with that letter on it and go by that letter for the day.
Each student gets to be a letter expert:

A to Z Treasure Hunt:
Give each pair of students a pencil and some paper with the A-Z listed on it.  Have them race around the room trying to find something for each letter. See which group can come up with the most words in 10 minutes and graph their results.
Toss a ball and say the letter sound and a word that starts with that letter. Start with A then B then C etc…
  Letter Bags: Put foam letters in a bag. Have the students make as many words as they can with the letters in the bag in 10 minutes.

Flashlight Letters:
Using a flashlight, make letters on the wall. Have students try and guess what letter it is.

We made pancakes in the shape of our letters: