Sunday, August 28, 2011


Our Handwriting Notebook:
Click HERE for the cover page.

Here's a note from the Handwriting Fairy.
What a motivator to use your best handwriting!

Journals for Writer's Workshop:
Blank Calendar
Writing Paper with Picture Space
Writing Paper

Journal Prompts for each Month

Click HERE to get monthly writing prompts from Second Grade is Splendid!

Here is a poster from The Mailbox I have in my room to help the students remember how their letters should look.

The students each have one of these to use during journals:

This means everything is going well and I'm working hard.

This means I have a question but I'm still going to work hard until the teacher can visit with me.
This means I'm done with my journal for the day and I'm ready to read it to the teacher.

We practiced handwriting and made it into ART.

We wrote Step by Step directions for how to make alphabet art.

Click HERE to download a copy of How to Make Alphabet Art.