Friday, August 5, 2011

Student Taught Lessons

Dear Families,

      From May 23rd-June 2nd, the students will be participating in student taught lessons.  Each child will be responsible for teaching the rest of the class a fifteen minute lesson on something they are interested in or good at.  Some examples ideas are origami, crafts, drawing something particular, dance moves, etc…  Your child will need to have practiced what he/she is teaching by their scheduled teaching day so that he/she is prepared.  It is helpful if his/her lesson incorporates student participation.  For example: If a sport skill is being taught allow students time to practice.  Once I have received all the lesson plans from the students, I will send home a schedule.  If you are able to come in and assist your child in their teaching, that would be wonderful!

**Any materials above and beyond what we have here at school will need to be provided from home.  We have access to construction paper, markers, crayons, paint, scissors, glue, and some PE equipment.

Click HERE for a copy of the letter I send home to parents.

Here are some student examples:
We learned about shading.

We learned how to make a paper airplane.

We learned how to make kazoos.

And these yummy spider cookies!