Saturday, August 27, 2011

Concept Board for Math

This is what our First Grade Math Board looks like.
A little practice every day goes a long way!
Trimester 1:
 Number of the Day

The students have to balance the number with tens and ones.

Finish a pattern.

Fill in the missing piece on the number line.

Decompose in two different ways.

Trimester 2 Additions:
Fact Families

Give the students four numbers, have them make both sides equal.

Number Writing Practice

Here are some free daily math activites your students can do to help build number sense every day:Today's Number   by Leka DeGroot on TPT.
Calendar Math by Katie Holmes on TPT.
Click HERE to get a number detective worksheet that can be used daily from Queen of the First Grade Jungle.
Climb the Ladder Number sense activity.

Click HERE for a great every day morning activity from the teacher wife.