Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rocket Word Games

Directions: Print off 2 of the same rocket word lists you are working on. Cut the sight words apart. Mix the cards up and turn them over, words down. Take turns flipping over and saying the name of two cards. If they match you get to keep them, if they don't you have to turn them back over. Play continues until all cards are taken. The person with the most cards wins.


Directions: Print off two or three rocket word
lists your students are working on and a set of bang cards. Shuffle the cards and have students take turns taking a card, one at a time. If the student can read the word on the card, then they may keep the card. If the student picks-up a BANG card then they have to put all of their sight words back into the pile. The student with the most sight word cards at the end of the game is the winner!

I Spy Sounds:
Directions: Print off three different rocket word lists. Lay them out face up on the table. One player says I spy a ... and then makes the sound of a letter he sees. He has to keep going with all the sounds in the word until the other player guesses the word. They have to see how many words they can collect in 10 minutes.

Click HERE for the game of PIG.
Print off one or two rocket word lists. Make a pile and place one card in each space. The student rolls the dice. If they can read the corresponding card, they get to keep it and replace it with a new card from their pile. You can play in partners and the student with the most cards wins.
Click HERE to get a copy of the game board.

Requires at least two players
Print out 2 sets of rocket words.
Deal the cards out equally between all the players.  Each person takes a turn to put a card on a central pile face up so it can be seen.  When a card is laid directly on top of a matching card, the first person to put their hand on top of the pile and yell "snap" gets to add the whole pile to the cards in their hand.  The aim of the game is to have all the cards.  Build it up the same way you do for Concentration.
You need:  paper, pen or pencil, rocket word lists
Requires at least two players
Choose a word the child has already been working with.  Make enough lines across a page for each letter in the word to have a line.  The child starts guessing what the word is letter by letter.  Any letter they call out correct, write it on its correct place on the line.  Any letter wrong, write it above the "man" and begin to draw a hangman.  If the child gets the word before the hangman is completed, they win, but only if the man is drawn first.  Make sure the child can tell you the word at the end.
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