Monday, August 22, 2011


We love Music! After opening circle or when the students have been sitting for a while I like to have them do one or two action songs to get some energy out and they LOVE it!

These are my favortie Greg and Steve CD's
Songs to look for:
Shoo Fly
The Freeze
Ready, Set, Move
The Bear Hunt
An Adventure in Space
Listen and Move
Jim Along Josey
Shimmy Shake
Jump Down Turn Around
I can Work with One Hammer
Warmin' Up
The Movement Madley
New Zoo Review
The Way We Do It
Movin' Every Day
The Boogle Walk
Chug along Choo Choo

My Favorite Dr. Jean CD's
Songs to look for:
Button Factory
Tooty Ta
Couch Potato Pokey
If You're Happy and you Know it

Your local public library should have most of these CD's for you to "borrow." :)

You can also download fun songs on ITunes.
My ITunes Picks:
Drivin' in my car
Mr. Robot

Click HERE for Action Songs from
Songs For Teaching.