Mrs. T's Class

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Halloween Games

Blowing eyeballs with straws:
We raced to see who could blow their candy eyeball from one side to the other the fastest.
Monster Game: In a small group one student secretly picks a monster. All the other students put a penny on the monster they think is the one he/she chose. If they guessed the right monster they got to pick a treat.
We decorated monster cupcakes.
We wrapped each other up like mummies.

-We decorated bags with Halloween shapes to
hold all of our candy and treats.

-We played pass the candy sight word which is just like hot potato but I attached a sight word to each piece of candy. If the music stopped on them they had to say the word on the candy. If they got the word right they could keep the candy if no they had to put it back in the bucket and try again. At the end everyone got two piece so no one was left out.

We played pin the nose on the pumpkin.

We played Halloween memory.
There are more fun Halloween printable at
Click HERE for a direct link.

We made spider hats.

We estimated candy in jars and counted them at the end of the day. The winner got to take the candy home.

We tossed bean bags into a witches pot.

Click on the picture to download the pattern.
Flying Bats:
Trace the bat pattern on a folded piece of black construction paper. Cut out, unfold and have fun flying. You can attach a paper clip if you want it to fly a little further.

Trick or Treat Game:

Click on the picture to download a copy.

Halloween Joke Book from The Teacher Wife Blogspot.