Sunday, July 31, 2011

100 Day

From kidscount1234
            We made 100 day hats by putting 10 dots on 10 strips of paper and then connecting them with a brad at the top.

We also made fruit loop necklaces: We sorted them by color into 10 different circles and then strung them on a string in their groups of 10.
You could also have the students put the fruit loops on a 100 chart.
The Weekly Hive has a cute fruit loop math worksheet.

We kept track of how many times we could do certain things in
100 seconds:
I'm not sure where this came from. I found it online.
Click on the picture to download a copy.

Write spelling words on a one hundred grid.
Click HERE to go to the UEN website and print this activity.
Click HERE for more 100 day activities.

Click HERE for fun 100 day activities from First Grade a la Carte.

Sprint to 100 place value game from Down Under Teacher.