Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Place Value Games: More or Less

This game set gives the students the number and then they have to count ten more, ten less, one more or one less.
If you laminate the cards they can use a dry erase marker to write on them.
I write the number on back so they can self check.
This set of game cards gives them a sentence starter but they have to count the number:
One More One Less with is Page 2
You can use these cards as a worksheet or cut them up for exit tickets as well.

Click HERE for free printable game boards from The School Bell.
The students draw a card, if they get the answer correct they roll a dice and then move that many spaces. Keep taking turns until someone wins. Easy and fun! 

Here is another game for counting into the hundreds:

Click HERE to get free place value cards from
One Lesson at a Time.

The students count the number and then they have to add one or ten depending on what the circle they land on says, if they get it correct they roll the dice and move that many spaces.

Here is the more and less game board I made:
More and Less Game Board Printable
I used these free place value cards:
Place Value Scoot Cards

Place Value Assessment to 100