Monday, September 29, 2014

Number Track


 We are learning about where numbers go on a number track in math skills group so we created our own number tracks to 10. The students put the track below together and then wrote the numbers 0-10 on Post-its. They took the numbers off and then we put them back on together out of order to figure out the correct spot for each number. When all the numbers were placed on the number track we listened to Kim Sutton's random number CD. When they heard a number they took it off their number track, if they heard the number again they had to put it back on their number track in the correct spot. It gets a little tricky when the numbers are called out fast. You can randomly call out numbers yourself but I like her CD. Next we'll try numbers 10-20.

Number Track Pattern 11-20
Missing Number Worksheets

We snapped unifix cubes together to create a number track and then used that to help us place numbers on a paper number line.