Saturday, January 11, 2014

Math Exit Tickets

Our school has adopted a new program called KLT. As a part of the program each teacher is supposed to try a new assessment technique. I loved the exit ticket idea but didn't really know how to make it quick and easy for first grade. I have decided on one question Post-its. When I want to check for understanding I just give them a pre-printed Post-it, they answer it and stick it on the door. My tables are set up in groups of six, so I only need to make one sheet and print it out four times. Each student in a group will get a different question. Because this is new to me, my goal is to try and do three a week. I'll keep adding to the collection below as I make them. You can also get the printable Post-it template from Sugar Doodle.



Missing Addends
Missing Numbers to 50 Counting by 1
Number Words to 100
Draw Dots to Balance the Scale to 15
 Fact Families
Counting by Ten: Off the Decade
Addition on a Blank Number Line
Subtraction on a Blank Number Line
Equation Patterns
Double Digit Addition
Double Digit Subtraction

 I like the post-its but they are a little inconvenient so I've just been printing them out, cutting them down to size and then I have the students leave them on their desk when they are done.
New Exit Tickets: Updated 9/23/14
Count and Tally
Place Numbers to 10
Place Numbers to 20
Domino Addition
Count On Dice
Post It Template in word from Sugar Doodle.