Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Make the Sum

We played a fun game called Make the Sum. We've been learning about ways to make ten, which the students are getting pretty good at but I love this game because it forces them to see ways they can make ten with more than two numbers.
We made a chart to help them see the ways to make ten.
To end the lesson we shared all the ways we made ten with more than two cards.

Click below for the video link to game instructions:
Make the sum link

We also played Make 10. It's played just like Memory.
1. In partner's lay out four rows of five cards.
2. One person turns over two cards.
 3. If the cards made a ten they get to keep it and replace the two cards they took from the pile, if they didn't they had to turn them back over.
4. The student with the most cards wins.