Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Calendar

Here is our Christmas calendar. Each student made a piece of art using different materials for each month of the year. I just laminated them and stapled the calendar to the bottom.
January:Blue watercolor with white glitter and a snowflake hole punch placed on top.
February:The students drew a heart and then traced it with a sharpie and colored it in with marker.
March: Watercolored background with three hearts to make a shamrock.
April: We drew a bird and then watercolored it.
May: Their fingerprints in a flower shape. I drew the green part.
June: We drew a sun and then I glued over it. When it was dry we chalked the sun with yellow and the sky with blue.
July: We just used four stripes, a small blue piece and then 4 hole punch stars to make a flag. 
August: We used 1/2 inch squares with red and white to make a pattern picnic blanket and then used hole punch ants to place on top.
September: The students drew and colored a self portrait.
October: We drew a web with white crayon and then watercolored over it with purple. We used black watercolor to make a spider thumbprint.
November: We colored a pumkin with crayon and then watercolored over it with brown.
December: We drew a reindeer with a pencil, traced it with sharpie and then watercolored it in. I did the glitter after they were done.
I hope the parents appreciate the hard work!
We worked really hard learning the months of the year and the holidays that are celebrated during each month as well.