Thursday, November 8, 2012

Decomposing in Pictures

My students can decompose with the best of them but I don't think they REALLY understand all the ways that a number can be decomposed so we put it into pictures. We created each number on our own and then I took pictures of each step so they could really see how the number goes from lots of ones to tens and ones. We discussed what they noticed about the pictures.
When we were finished we filled in this worksheet and then decorated the number to emphasize that the number stays the same.
My Coworker had a great idea to use the language of the fastest way to create a number so the students had to use tens and ones. Then the slowest way where they used just ones. Lastly, the fancy way where they had to get creative and use tens and ones in different ways. Just the language of the slow way and fast way helps them understand there is more than one way to create a number.