Friday, March 23, 2012

Teddy Bear Picnic and Much More...

We used our Teddy Bears for pillows and listened to The Three Little Bears and then retold the story.
We listened to the BEST teddy bear songs by Greg and Steve.
Dance with your Teddy bear on the Jumpin' and Jamin' CD and Teddy Bear Teddy Bear on the Ready Set Move CD.

We had a picnic in our was raining outside:(
We read Bear books to our Teddy Bears:

We tossed our bears into the air with a parachute. We had to try and get all of them off which was really hard unless the students worked together!

We played Teddy Bears in Chairs (Musical Chairs):
We played Hide the Bear:
We took turns hiding the bears behind the 100 chart. The students had to guess what number the bear was behind by asking questions that would narrow down the answer.

Click HERE to download Bear Squeeze instructions.

Bear Probability:

Click HERE to print Bear Probability.

We estimated and weighed items with bears.

We made Bear Headbands.
They wanted them to look like their bear. CUTE!

We tossed bears into buckets for ten minutes in four groups and tallied our points.

We had a sack race with our Bears.

We guessed the order of our bears and then measured them with cubes. We used the cubes to put them in the order we thought was right. We realized we needed to make a few changes!

Here is the paper we filled out about our bears.

We played What's My Rule with our Bears. They had to guess why some bears were in the circle and some bears were out of the circle.
The Bears are Brown.

The Bears are Small.

The Bears are wearing clothes.

We listened to Corduroy and watched: Teddy Bears' Picnic
Most of these cute ideas are from Little Giraffes

On the document camera we estimated how many gummy bears would fit inside the bear face and then we tried on our own.

SOOO... After all that. I'm ready for Spring Break:)