Monday, March 12, 2012

Recycled Robots

This is a remote control robot with an umbrella.

This is roller girl with a purse and necklace.

This rocket robot is complete with jet pack and propeller.

Our Harcourt story for the week was My Robot by Eve Bunting. My coworker made these with her class and I thought they we're such a great collaborative, fun way to use recycled material. The only rules were that they had to work together in their groups and it had to stand up. We both agreed that the conversations between the students in their groups we're absolutely amazing.. about how to balance the robot, what pieces they needed to add to make it do a certain thing, etc. We worked on them for about 45 minutes. My coworker and I helped hot glue the pieces together.

More Robot Stuff:
We drew robots and wrote about what they can do:

We made pattern block robots, counted the shapes we used and then wrote about them.