Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MLK Jr. Portraits

MLK Jr. Portraits and Peace Signs:
 We drew MLK Jr. with a pencil, traced him with a sharpie and then watercolored our picture. I would use a rectangle piece of paper instead, he might not look so wide:)
We wrote: MLK Jr. helped people by... I can help people by...
Here is my attempt at a how to draw for MLK Jr from a picture I saw:

We made scratch art peace signs to go with him.
Some of the students wanted to draw lines and color in the peace sign after they saw my attempt. This was a little harder.

MLK Jr. Word Search

My son made this... I thought it was super cute. Instead of covering the crayon with paint, he just colored over it with black and then did the scratch art. Easy, adorable and goes along with MLK Jr.'s message about looking for what's on the inside.

Click HERE for another easy and cute MLK Jr. project from Preschool Daze.