Monday, January 2, 2012

Addition and Subtraction Practice

Contig Jr. is a FUN addition and subtraction math strategy game from
Contig Jr. Printable
Click HERE to print doubles game boards from Oceans of First Grade Fun.
Click HERE for a cool math game from Aussie Pumpkin Patch.

Try This Game:
Domino Drill: In partners have the students lay out a bunch of dominoes face up. One student has to think of a missing addend problem, the other student has to guess which domino they are talking about. Such as a domino that has a 3 and a 4. They would say 3 plus what number is 7. Whoever has the most domino at the end wins.
Click HERE for printable directions.

Click HERE to get addition and subtraction games and activities from Math Cats.

Click HERE to create your own addition and subtraction worksheets.

Two Good Books for Addition and Subtraction:

Addition Games

Subtraction Games

Click HERE for free printable worksheets from

Poof ... a cute addition game from Oh My Little Classity Class.

Math Games from Tales from a K-1 Classroom.