Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pigs in Hiding

On 100 day read Pigs in Hiding (before the students arrive hide 100 numbered pigs around the room). Go on a search for 100 pigs around the room. Have the students create a 100 chart in the floor with the pigs they find.
Pigs 1-8
Pigs 9-16
Pigs 17-24
Pigs 25-32
Pigs 33-40
Pigs 41-48
Pigs 49-56
Pigs 57-64
Pigs 65-72
Pigs 73-80
Pigs 81-88
Pigs 89-96
Pigs 97-100
I couldn't figure out how to put them all in one document:(
Click HERE to see the video on PBS Kids.

Place Value Pigs

Pig Tac Toe from Oh my Little Classity Class.