Monday, November 14, 2011

Guess My Number

Here are 2 ways to PLAY:
1. Each student wore a headband with a number on it (they didn't know what the number was). They had to go around and ask the other students yes and no questions about what number they were.  For example: Am I greater than 20? or Is there a 5 in the tens place? They couldn't ask the same person twice in a row to keep them moving! Play until all students have guessed their number. I used the numbers 0-60 to make the first go at it a little easier. I wrote 3 number lines on the board with a wet erase marker. The students had to decide what number line their number was on and then try and figure out where their number went with a dry erase marker so they could erase without taking off the wet erase number line. The rest of the class either agreed or disagreed with them and then helped make the number in the right spot. We figured out where the middle was and what number should go there as a class before we started to make it a little easier.
2. Give each student a number, have them write 3 clues about what number it is. The other students have to guess what number it is. When everyone has had a turn put each number on the number line.
Clues: It is odd(or even). It has a __ in the ones place. It has a ___ in the tens place. What number is it?