Thursday, October 6, 2011

Estimation Station

Each week the students get to estimate how many items are in the bag. They choose their number, write it next to their name and then cross it out on the 100 chart. On Friday we count how many items are in the bag and the closest guess gets to take the bag home.

Suggested Items for the Estimation Jar
  • A- plastic ants
  • B- balls
  • C- candy
  • D- plastic dinosaurs
  • E- erasers
  • F- fish
  • G- gumballs
  • H- hearts
  • I- plastic inchworms
  • J- junk- a variety of objects
  • K- keys
  • L- licorice/lollipops
  • M- money
  • N- peanuts
  • O- orange crayons
  • P- pencils
  • Q- quarters
  • R- rubber bands
  • S- scissors
  • T- toothpicks
  • U- small drink umbrellas
  • V- valentines
  • W- water (estimate the amount of water by cups)
  • X- tiles with the letter x
  • Y- yarn (estimate the length)/yellow items
  • Z- magnetic letter z/zoo animals