Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diary of a Worm

I Love These books!!!

We read all three books and then created one of our own:

I made our book into a power point and added the students voices reading their page. I wish I could upload the final product but it was too big. This year I'll make a video instead.
Here are some sample pages...

So here's the lesson...
We first decided on what our insect should look like by going over the body parts of an insect. We wanted him to look the same on every page. Next I spilt the class into groups of four. Each group was assigned a different season. We went over what months go with each season. There were six students in each group so two students had to do a month for that season. They got to choose the day. The students wrote a rough draft in their journals. We edited it together and then they typed their story on the computer, printed it out and added a picture.

This was my favorite lesson.
It was a lot of work but included: