Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday Books

Birthday Book

Each child will have a “Birthday Book” of his/her own as part of our classroom library.

Here are the instructions for creating your book:

          -Have your child’s name on the cover of the book.

-Your child can decorate the cover of the book.

-You can tape or glue a photo of your child on each page of the book. Next to or under each picture please PRINT (using upper and lower case letters) the story about each picture. Pictures can include family members, friends, trips, funny situations, etc.

-You may use the front and back of each page or just the front of each page for the picture and story.

-Include pictures of your child as many different ages from babyhood to now.

-You do not have to use all the pages if you don’t want to!

-These books become a part of our reading library in class and will be returned to your child at the end of the school year.

-These books are very loved. If you have a picture that you don’t want damaged please make a copy to put in the book.

Birthday Books are due as soon as possible. Even if your child’s birthday is not until spring we would like them as a part of our library now.

Thanks for making your child’s birthday book extra special!

Please feel free to see me if you have a questions.                -Mrs. T

Click HERE to get a copy of the note I send home.

Sample of a Book