Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We played a fun Ant game against another first grade class called the FIRE ANTS GAME.
Click HERE to get a copy of the directions.

We played a fun ANT activity with a 50 chart
to build number sense.
We do ants at the beginning of the year so this activity is pretty easy.
You can also use a 100 chart and make it more difficult.
Raisins are fun to use as the ant marker.

Click HERE to download a copy.

We made a pattern by gluing on the red squares but you can also weave the ant mat. We used our thumbprints to make the ants.

There’s a Little Anthill
(Sing this song to the tune of Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star)

There’s an anthill over there.
Ants are crawling everywhere.
They live in groups called colonies.
They feast on insects, plants, and seeds.
Queen ants, worker ants, together will be.
They learn to work cooperatively.
Place Value with ANTS:
I have an ant paper punch that's fun to use.

Ant Book:

Ant Life Cycle:

How to draw an ant: