Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spelling Battleship

Directions: This is a two player game. Each player needs a battleship game board and a spelling list they are working on (it needs to be the same list for both students). They need to sit across from each other with a shield between them. Before playing each student needs to fill in one side of the game board with six of their spelling words going across (one letter per box). When they are finished filling it in play begins. The first player needs to guess a coordinate such a (1,A) and the other student has to tell them if they hit a letter or not. If it's a miss they need to mark it on the other board to keep track of what they have called. If they hit a letter, they can keep playing until they miss or guess the word. The student needs to say... you sunk my and then the word they have sunk. When a word is sunk they need to mark it off on their list. When all the letters in a word have been hit, that word has sunk. They take turns playing until all words on one board are sunk. The first player to sink all the words wins.

Battleship Game Board

Click HERE for a road trip version of the battleship game.

I also just discoverd this free download on TPT with the same idea just bigger coordinates: Battleship